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Washing machines are an absolute requirement in today's day and age. They reduce the load of housework, keep us on time and improve our health and wellness. By choosing the right machine for your needs and budget, you can have clean, dry clothes in a matter of minutes - ready to wear or pack and go.

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    10 kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Manhattan Grey) WFL100MA2

    • Model: WFL100MA2
    • MRP : ₹63,090.00
    • Washing Capacity (KG) :  10
    • StainExpertTM :  Yes
    • GentleWaveTM :  Yes
    • WxDxH (cm)   :   60x64x84
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About Washing Machine Price Comparison

Today’s washing machines are designed to be gentle to our clothes while being great at removing dirt and stains. Will the many models in the market choosing one can be confusing and of course, the price matters. Prices depend on the different aspects of the machine - such as whether it is Automatic, Semi-automatic and Front Loading and Top Loading; and it’s capacity. Decide on the price you are willing to pay based on your lifestyle, family size and requirements - details below.

How to decide which Washing Machine is best for you?

In India, Washing Machine price ranges from INR 2828 to above INR 100000. The rates vary based on the features offered and the manufacturer’s brand value. Better brand value means that the product has been tested well and is made of parts that are good and long lasting. This means you actually save in the long run.

If you were to compare rates, you would find that Indian brands with global partnerships like Voltas Beko are able to bring you the best washing machines at a rate that is absolutely affordable while meeting all your needs because they are able to bring together global technology and effectively meet home needs for families in India. Robust testing helps keep the rate affordable while keeping the quality top notch.

Your decision to purchase a Washing Machine can be driven by various factors. Family size, the kind of clothes you frequently wear and hence wash, the space you have at home to set it up and the level of dryness you want are some of the key factors.

Family Size

Your family size will determine the washing machine capacity which is measured in the kgs of clothes it can wash in a single wash. Here is a thumb rule - 1kg of laundry = 5 shirts OR 1 shirt + 1 pair of denim jeans OR 2 bath towels. For the best wash experience, it is always best to not make the washing machine more than three-quarters full. This will give it room to be washed well. This will help you determine the ideal capacity for the machine you wish to buy.

Clothing preference

If you and your family wear a lot of delicate clothes, a front loading washing machine would be an ideal choice. This is because the front loading washing machine offers several options for wash programs while being quite gentle on your clothes. Understanding how much you would save in terms of time and energy on the upkeep of your clothes, especially in the long run is a helpful way to decide on the right machine for you.

Dryer preference

Based on the level of dryness that you want your clothes to come out of the wash cycle you could choose a washing machine that has the programs that you would need. The fully automatic machines often have great dryers in the same tub and wash cycle program - in some models even connected to Wi-Fi.


Semi-automatic washing machines with twin tubs require significantly more space; similarly front loading washing machines tend to be broader than top loading ones and will require space in the front for you to load and unload clothes. This besides the size of the washing machine will help you decide on a model which best fits into your space.


Washing Machines being one of the most essential home appliances are also suited to the unique needs of our household. Many come with rat mesh protectors and you can choose the washing machine make- such as metal vs plastic and more. Washing machines in reputed companies like Voltas Beko, come with a manufacturer's warranty which ensures good after-sales support.


The list of prices will help you arrive at a comparison around washing machine rate. This, coupled with the guidance around determining your requirement will help you with choosing the best washing machine for you, at your best price.
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