Clothes Dryer and Washer Machines

Are you thinking of buying a washer and dryer? Are you confused as to what to buy between a fully automatic washing machine and a washer dryer? Are you not sure what the difference between a washing machine and a washer dryer combo is? Well, worry not. We’re here to help you understand. A clothes washer and dryer is simply a fully automatic washing machine with dryer inbuilt. An electric clothes dryer is simply fitted with a tumble dryer. So, it not only washes you clothes but also dries them in the same cycle.

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    WDR80S Clothes Washer and Dryer Machine
    WDR80S Washer Dryer Combo

    8 kg Fully Automatic Dryer Machine (Silver) WDR80S

    • Model: WDR80S
    • MRP : ₹47,990.00
    • Dryer Type :  Heat-Pump
    • OptiSenseTM :  Yes
    • WxDxH (cm)   :   59.7x58.9x84.6
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    WWD80S Clothes Washer and Dryer Machine
    WWD80S Washer Dryer Combo

    8 Kg Washer Dryer Machine (Gray) WWD80S

    • Model: WWD80S
    • MRP : ₹57,290.00
    • Washing Capacity (KG) :  8
    • Drying Capacity (KG) :  5
    • Product Color :  Grey
    • WxDxH (cm)   :   60x59x84
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Understanding the Washers and Dryers

With a portable washer and dryer, you just open the machine door and hey presto, you have ready to wear clothes. As opposed to a washing machine the cylinder is a washer dryer is bigger for tumble drying your clothes. With these and many more features, the tumble dryer is here to transform your laundry experience. Want to know more? Here’s how...

Benefits of Voltas Beko Washers and Dryers

Voltas Beko washers and dryers, not only use less water but also save considerably on the price as they’re much more economical than the competitors. You can wash bigger laundry loads with your Voltas Beko clothes dryer machine. In terms of time saved, our washers and dryers are a godsend for a big busy family with many commitments.

Washing and Drying Capacity

You can buy our washers and dryers in 8 kg washing capacity and 5 to 8 kg drying capacity. The variants are designed to suit all the unique needs of an Indian family’s laundry from washing to drying so that every member of the family is happy to find clean and fresh clothes quickly and readily.

Energy Rating and Your Washer and Dryer’s Energy Efficiency

The energy rating of Voltas Beko washer machines is a measure of their energy efficiency. Voltas Beko washer and dryers have best in class energy efficiency. The Voltas Beko washer and dryer with ProSmartTM motor saves energy so you get a better, noiseless and cheaper laundry experience. Also, since you can dry bigger loads in a washer and dryer you save electricity per cycle that way too.


The ideal washer and dryer would be such that it would not only dry your clothes well while maintaining their quality but also let you decide the level of dryness. Therefore, our washers and dryers come with the OptiSenseTM technology to put you in charge of your clothes’ dryness.

Why Voltas Beko Washers and Dryers

The Voltas appliance technology satisfies for the Indian homemaker making it ideal for Indian households. This mega collab of Voltas and Beko - two of the best loved electrical appliance brands known internationally for their quality - makes Voltas Beko the most desired in India. We love Indian homes the way you do and we know family’s needs. That’s how we ensure that the Voltas washer and dryer price in India will give you the best laundry experience possible.

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