Full Size Dishwashers

While recreating new recipes in the kitchen is the most enjoyable task in the kitchen, the mountain of utensils that follows those scrumptious meals, isn’t. To take those worries away, you now have the full size dishwasher customised for Indian needs.

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    Full Size Dishwasher DF15A
    Full Size Portable Dishwasher DF15A

    15 PS Full Size Dishwasher (Anthracite) DF15A

    • Model: DF15A
    • MRP : ₹51,990.00
    • Water Consumption :  9.5 L
    • AquaFlex :  Yes
    • Corner IntenseTM :  Yes
    • Place Setting :  15 Place Setting
    • WxDxH (cm)   :   59.8x60x85
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    Full Size Dishwasher DF14W
    Full Size Portable Dishwasher DF14W

    14 PS Full Size Dishwasher (White) DF14W

    • Model: DF14W
    • MRP : ₹32,990.00
    • Water Consumption :  11.5 L
    • Place Setting :  14 Place Setting
    • WxDxH (cm)   :   59.8x60x85
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    Full Size Dishwasher DF14S3
    Full Size Portable Dishwasher DF14S3

    14 PS Full Size Dishwasher (Silver) DF14S3

    • Model: DF14S3
    • MRP : ₹39,990.00
    • Water Consumption :  11.5 L
    • Place Setting :  14 Place Setting
    • WxDxH (cm)   :   59.8x60x85
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    Full Size Dishwasher DF14S2
    Full Size Portable Dishwasher DF14S2

    14 PS Full Size Dishwasher (Silver) DF14S2

    • Model: DF14S2
    • MRP : ₹51,990.00
    • Water Consumption :  9.5 L
    • AquaFlex :  Yes
    • AquaIntenseTM :  Yes
    • Place Setting :  14 Place Setting
    • WxDxH (cm)   :   59.8x60x85
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Filter Result 4 Items

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The pleasure of cooking a delicious, nutritious meal quickly ebbs when you see the pile of unwashed utensils in the sink.

One look at that seemingly insurmountable pile and you are overwhelmed by the hours of work and effort in front of you.

However, there is a perfectly good solution to these problems right in front of you.

The dishwasher machines.

If you’re thinking, “not in India”, “not for our oily kadhais and our greasy, masala laden serving pots”, keep those worries aside.

These full size dishwashers are designed specifically keeping Indian utensils and Indian cooking in mind.

Too good to be true?

Not at all.

Presenting the Voltas Beko full size dishwasher.

These full size dishwashers are designed to help water reach every nook and corner of soiled pots and pans with high pressure to ensure squeaky clean utensils.

What’s more? These full size dishwashers help you save water, and also ensure that you save hours of manual labour, thus freeing up time for other essential chores around the house. If not that, the full size dishwashers definitely frees up time for you to rest.

To know exactly how these dish washer machines are the solution to all your problems, read on:

AquaIntenseTM for greasy cookware

The full size dishwasher comes up with a specially designed 360° rotating head that helps water reach the nooks and corners of dishes, and ensures that even heavily soiled pots and pans are cleaned thoroughly. It applies higher water pressure in the lower basket power of the dish washing machine, thus providing dedicated function and stronger washing power. This increases cleaning performance up to 5 times.

ProSmartTM Inverter Motor for lower energy consumption

The magnetic design of the motor gives it a low frequency, fewer vibrations, and thus lowers the overall noise and energy consumption of the full size dishwashers. The mechanical noises in the full size dishwashers are also reduced due to the absence of bearings in the design. All in all, the motor allows you to regulate the amount of water and energy, and leads to lower energy consumption.

Gets it done in a jiffy with Fast+ Function

Efficient energy consumption and reduced friction in the motor is enabled by the ProSmartTM Inverter Motor of the dishwasher. The mechanical noises are lower in the dish washing machine thanks to the absence of bearings in the design. Additionally, the magnetic design of the motor helps produce less vibrations.

AquaFlexTM for superior washing and drying, in all kinds of tableware

With AquaFlexTM technology, wash all kinds of tableware in your dishwasher, whether it’s porcelain or plastic. This technology helps adjust water pressures to both the lower and upper baskets gently, thus providing superior washing and drying results for all kinds of dishes in the full size dishwashers.

Ultimate Glass Care

GlassShieldTM Technology

To protect against glass corrosion that is typically witnessed in standard dishwashers, water hardness inside the dishwashers can be regulated manually. This can be done by optimizing the mixture of water from the tap and water from the softening unit, thus ensuring the long life of all your glassware.

SteamGlossTM Technology

To improve the glossiness of your glassware, an extended heat application of 10 minutes inside the dishwasher reduces the size of the water droplets, giving you the desired results.


  • Glassware is protected from cloudiness and. Irradiance thanks to the GlassShieldTM Technology
  • The SteamGlossTM Technology helps dry glasses without letting them lose their brightness. The steam technology makes glasses shine 23% more than the average dishwasher.

Mini 30' Program for efficient time and energy consumption

The Mini 30’ Program in the full size dishwashers washes a full load at 35ºC in 30 minutes, saving time and energy, and thus the perfect choice for lightly soiled dishes and glasses.

Comes with a 12 Year Motor Warranty & 2 Year Comprehensive Warranty

The warranty that comes with the new Voltas Beko full size dishwashers ensures that you enjoy the benefits of these state-of-the-art technologies for a long time.

Now that you have a full run down of the features, you should know that these full size dishwashers come in a range of prices making it affordable for everyone. Before making the purchase and paying the price however, make sure to consider the exact dimensions like, width and height of the full size dishwashers. If you find the size not to be of your preference, you can always opt for the Voltas Beko portable dishwasher.

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