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Our refrigerators have features that are tailor-made for every Indian household. With its world-class technology and state of the art design, Voltas Beko is a perfect fit for your home. After all, our appliances are tested and approved by real moms and moms know best!

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Your Fruits and Vegetables Stay Fresh Up To 30 Days

If you love fresh food you will love our fridges with the StoreFresh™ Technology because it locks in the freshness of your fruits and vegetables for up to 30 days. By minimising temperature fluctuations and keeping moisture levels steady, it keeps your food crisp and healthy. This is even more important in India where weather can change quite quickly.Now keep your food store-fresh and ensure delicious nourishment for the entire family with the new range of Voltas Beko fridges.
  • Fresh up to
    an entire month

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Get Twice The Cooling And Twice The Freshness With NeoFrost™ Dual Cooling

Voltas Beko brings you the NeoFrost™ Dual Cooling technology that uses two separate cooling circuits to create the ideal conditions for your food by regulating moisture, airflow and temperature. It not just cools your food but keeps its natural goodness intact. Now get used to twice the taste and twice the health!
  • Fresh cooling

  • No more frozen food
    in the fridge

  • No mixing of odours
    beetween components

  • Maintains the correct
    temperature and
    humidity levels
    for freshness

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Food remains as good as new with Active Fresh Blue Light

Active Fresh Blue Light technology creates an anti-bacterial atmosphere inside the refrigerator which keeps fruits and vegetables full of flavour and nourishment long after they’ve been stored in the fridge. Health enthusiasts love this feature as more Vitamin C means better health for the whole family.
  • Protects Vitamin C
    intensity in fruits
    and vegetables in the fridge.

  • Maintains the natural
    flavours and nutritional

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Get Energy Efficient Cooling With ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor

The Voltas Beko fridge features the brushless ProSmart Inverter Motor. Brushless means it keeps the wear and tear down for a durable and long-lasting cooling experience for the energy-savvy home. The inverter compressor’s special BLDC fan has a low rotational speed and greater durability, ensuring four times quieter operation. Now keep your electricity bills low because ProSmart™ ensures your fridge up to 70 per cent energy efficiency.
  • High efficiency

  • High durability

  • Low refrigerator noise

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Goodbye Bad Odour, Hello Fresh Guard™

Fresh Guard™ is another huge favourite of our Voltas Beko homes because it kills 99.99 per cent odour causing bacteria inside the fridge leaving it smelling natural and healthy - just like home. So, goodbye bad odour and welcome garden-fresh food!
  • Reduces bad odour within the refrigerator leaving it smelling truly fresh.

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Protect Your Food Against Bacteria With Ion Guard™

IonGuard™ produces negative ions to neutralize bacteria, viruses and unpleasant odour causing particles inside the fridge. Its anti-bacterial effect simulates the freshness of nature in your refrigerator. Rest assured, your food is well protected against bacteria!
  • The circulated air in the refrigerator is clean which helps food stay fresh for longer periods.

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12 Year compressor warranty


2 Year comprehensive warranty for the entire fridge

Voltas Beko refrigerators come with a warranty that ensures you enjoy
state-of-the-art refrigerator technology for a long time.

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