Solo Microwave Ovens

Whether it is heating a meal, or cooking one from scratch, the solo microwave has made things easier for every home cook by bringing in efficiency and speed to the kitchen. Instead of having four burners running at the same time and worrying about burning one of them, you can now set a timer instead and be worry-free.

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    20 L Solo Microwave Oven (White) MS20MPW10

    • Model: MS20MPW10
    • MRP : ₹6,890.00
    • Microwave Type :  Solo
    • Cavity Capacity :  20 L
    • Maximum Microwave Power :  1150
    • WxDxH (cm)   :   45.1x32.5x25.8
    Offer Price ₹5,690.00 Regular Price ₹6,890.00
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The advent of the microwave changed things for humankind.

You don’t agree?

Imagine coming home from a long day of work, placing the vessel on the gas stove to heat your food, moving out of the kitchen to attend an urgent call or looking away for a few seconds too long, and turning back to burnt food. Now, the food is inedible (impossible to even chew) and you are left with two options: cook a whole meal again when you can barely keep your eyes open or sleep empty stomach with no nutrition to revive, repair or rejuvenate your body. See why it was not an exaggeration?

This miracle machine came to India in 1991, but was invented somewhere in the 1940s.

Today, there are three types of microwave ovens available in India: the solo microwave oven, the grill microwave oven and the convection microwave oven. You can choose the right one for you after considering the primary use of the machine in your home, the type of food you’d like to cook, the size of your family, etc.

If you’re only looking to reheat or defrost food in the microwave, you should go for the solo microwave oven. If you want to grill paneer, vegetables or meat in the oven, the grill microwave oven should be your pick, whereas if you’re a baker or wish to try your hand at it, the convection microwave oven will fit perfectly in your home.

Let’s start by getting to know more about solo microwave ovens.

Solo microwave oven

What is a solo microwave oven? What is its function? When should you opt for this type compared to the other types available in the market? What can this oven do for you?

The solo microwave oven is mainly used to reheat and defrost food, along with cooking simple recipes. If you’re a small family or a bachelor or spinster, this could be the right option for you. The other criteria that you should consider is the type of food you want to cook in the microwave. If you’re looking to grill or bake food, make pizzas or kebabs, the solo microwave oven wouldn’t be the right choice.

You should opt for this oven if you generally find yourself pressed for time in the kitchen, or have a need to reheat or defrost food often. Solo microwaves will help you save time and money, and bring efficiency to your kitchen.

Voltas Beko solo microwave oven

One of the best solo microwave ovens in the market, the Voltas Beko solo microwave oven is loaded with the latest features, and can easily find a place in your kitchen at a reasonable price. However, affordable prices don’t mean a compromise on design. These solo microwaves are beautifully designed, complete with a digital display and large turntable, and available in capacities of both 20 and 23 litres. So, if you’re looking for a solo microwave that can reheat or defrost your food, while retaining all its nutrition, the Voltas Beko solo microwave oven is the right choice for you.

Voltas Beko Solo Microwave Ovens Price List

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Voltas Beko 20 L Solo Microwave Oven (White) MS20MPW10 ₹5,690.00
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