Privacy Policy

Voltbek Home Appliances Private Limited (also referred to as "we" "our" or "us") respects your privacy and endeavors to limit the collection of information to the extent required. We also provide adequate safeguards where such information is processed in the way of collection, recording, storing, utilization, disclosure, transfer and deletion, to name a few. In addition to complying with the applicable laws, we believe in processing the data fairly.

Information automatically obtained from your visit

By visiting our website, you are unconditionally consenting to the automatic recording of certain information. This includes your Internet Protocol address, domain name, the time at which you visited, the duration of your visit, the pages you visit and the links you use. 

On your visit to our website, we send cookies to your browser to enable us to track your activities on our website and help us remember who you are. You have an option to receive intimation of receipt of a cookie, or to reject it altogether. Cookies enable us to provide you with more efficient and personalized service.

Information requested from you

In addition to the above, we might ask you for certain information such as your name, age, sex, email ID, contact number, address, postal code, preferences and other details for the purpose of providing products and services to you. 

Information obtained from your transactions with us

We may also collect information relating to products and services provided to you, including details of requests you may have made, the products and services we may have provided, their delivery, billing and invoicing, any communication or correspondence with you, and other transactional information. We may also record your communication with our customer care or with other such contact points, in accordance with applicable law. 

Each item of information might not individually be sufficient to identify you, but combined with certain other types of information, it may suffice and hence fall under the ambit of this Privacy Policy.

Purposes for which information is obtained from you

Information is collected from you for various purposes, including but not limited to, registering for our products and/or services, receiving your feedback, complaints and other responses, and contacting you and/or communicating with you. 

It may also be used for developing and improving our products, services and/or website. For this purpose, the information is usually considered in purely statistical form, i.e. collectively. 

Additionally, the information may be used for advertising or marketing purposes as a 'customer statement', testimonial or other quotation, with or without attribution to you. In such cases, we will first obtain your consent, and give you the option of unsubscribing from or refusing such services.

Although we are not obliged to do so, we will usually specify our purpose at the time of asking you for information, and unless otherwise necessitated, we will use it for the stated purposes.

Changes in the terms of information collection and use

The purposes for which we collect information may be modified from time to time depending on change in Voltbek's businesses, functioning or policies, or in the applicable laws. Any such change, if not included already under the purposes broadly defined above, shall be intimated to you via the same website. The privacy policy may also be modified in any other manner without your prior notification; hence it would be advisable for you to visit website from time to time to learn about such changes.

Disclosure to third parties

Disclosure of information to any other third party shall not be done without your consent, unless it is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation, in which case your consent is deemed to have been obtained. 

At the same time, Governmental agencies may require the information which Voltbek collect from you, for certain purposes including verification, investigation and prosecution. In such cases, it is mandatory to pass on that information under the applicable law; Voltbek shall ensure that this is done only after following the due procedure.

Transfer of information across jurisdictions

There will be times when Voltbek will transfer your information across jurisdictions, to its employees, branches, affiliates, subsidiaries, joint ventures or business partners, irrespective of the country where such person or entity might be located. Your consent is deemed to have been obtained in such cases, and we shall ensure that such transfer is done only for the purposes stated in this Policy. 

To protect your rights, the recipient of the information shall be compliant with this Privacy Policy. The registered office of Voltbek is to be treated as the controller of the data for the purposes of this Policy and such transfers. Such transfer is usually not conditional to, or governed by, geographical circumstances. That is, the information flow may occur even if the place of origin is not a registered office. It is not impacted by the fact of your physical location, or the physical storage of the data, in any particular country. Voltbek will not be subject to any additional obligations arising from these circumstances.

Transfer to entities outside Voltbek

From time to time, there may occur the transfer of information to a person or entity connected with Voltbek only as a business associate. Such transfer will be limited to trusted business associates, and will only occur if necessary under a contractual obligation, and if the transferee complies with at least a similar standard of data protection. 

Security Practices

Voltbek is committed to ensuring that your data is not subjected to unauthorized access, accidental loss or unlawful processing. Towards this end, Voltbek has various security practices in place to address risks in physical and online security. 

You are entitled to contact Voltbek for modification of any inaccurate information or any information which has changed over a period of time. This is also in consonance with our principle to maintain accuracy of data.

In case of any grievance with regard to any of the above, you may write to / or contact Ms Asawari Sathaye (, Corporate Communications Department, Voltas House 'A', Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Road, Chinchpokli, Mumbai- 400 033, India.

If you visit or access our website and/ or provide us with information, it is deemed that you have read this and agree with the terms and conditions set out in this policy. If you do not agree to this, please do not visit or access the website or provide us with information. Your visit to this website or submission to any information is deemed to be of your own volition. This consent shall be equated to that given in writing, wherever there is a requirement under law for written consent. In case you withdraw your consent anytime, we might not be able to provide you with our products and services or otherwise accede to your request for information. This website also consists of links to other websites, and we are in no way liable or responsible for the content, authenticity, accuracy, or privacy policies of the same.