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Available in all three types to suit the needs of a household in India, the Votlas Beko microwave ovens offer an array of exciting features, making them the premium, top quality choice in India.

Voltas Beko Microwave Oven Feature - Auto Cook

AutoCooking Your favourite dish lies just a touch away

Our range of microwaves come with the auto cook program, enabling you to cook over 200 dishes with the touch of a button on a microwave. So next time when there are guests coming at home and you don’t have time, you know there’s a host of dishes at your fingertips, waiting to be prepared, in the microwave. View Related Products

Large Turntable There is enough room for everything

If you are the kind who prefers doing the whole day of cooking in a single go, Voltas Beko microwaves let you maximise your cooking space with a large turntable that provides ample room for large size containers in the microwave. View Related Products
Voltas Beko Microwave Oven Feature - Large Turntable
Voltas Beko Microwave Oven Feature - Attractive Design

Attractive Design A design that matches your cooking

We know that your cooking is second to none, which is why our microwaves have got just the look to complement your cooking. The Inox Silver look of Voltas Beko microwaves is just the perfect aesthetic addition to your kitchen from a décor point of view. View Related Products

Digital Display Keep an eye on your food

Multitasking in kitchen is now all the more easy with Voltas Beko microwave ovens. The advanced feather touch digital display ensures you can keep an eye on food being cooked in the microwave oven even when you are busy doing other chores in the kitchen.View Related Products
Voltas Beko Microwave Oven Feature - Digital Display
Voltas Beko Microwave Oven Feature - Active Defrost Technology

Active Defrosting Lose the frost, not the nutrition.

The revolutionary Active Defrost technology in Voltas Beko microwave ovens makes sure your food remains frost free and saves you the hassle of defrosting manually. Retain the freshness and nutrition of your food with the technology of Active Defrost in your microwave. View Related Products

As our lifestyles have changed to meet the demands of our everyday lives, so have appliances and methods of cooking in our kitchens. In a fast-paced world, where time is always tight, efficiency is key, especially in the kitchen.

One of the appliances that meets this need for efficiency, while serving hot, delicious, home-cooked meals is the microwave oven. Earlier used only to heat or defrost food, the microwave has seen many technological advancements. Today, it lets you cook, grill, and bake your favourite recipes. Foods like kebabs, pizza, along with traditional food of India, can be cooked in in minutes. These new age ovens are saving you time and energy, while also making the household menu fun, nutritious and interesting.

Buying a microwave oven

The primary decision to make while purchasing a microwave oven is its type. To find the right type of oven for your home, you should consider the requirements of your household, along with the kind of food or cuisine you want to cook. If you’re only looking to reheat or defrost food in the microwave, you can opt for the solo microwave oven. If you want to grill paneer, vegetables or meat in the oven, you should go for the grill microwave oven, whereas if you’re a baker or wish to try your hand at it, the convection microwave oven is the correct choice for you.

Once you have the type decided, you can move on to the features that the microwave offers. This is when you inquire if the appliance comes with auto cooking options or not, does it have a digital display, etc.

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