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Our cutting edge, stylish Voltas Beko Microwaves can make your life smoother, hassle free and help you and your family have great meal times.

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    23 L Convection Microwave Oven (Inox) MC23BSD

    • Model: MC23BSD
    • MRP : ₹17,290.00
    • Microwave Type :  Convection
    • Cavity Capacity :  23 L
    • Maximum Microwave Power :  1300
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    23 L Convection Microwave Oven (Inox) MC23BD

    • Model: MC23BD
    • MRP : ₹17,290.00
    • Microwave Type :  Convection
    • Cavity Capacity :  23 L
    • Maximum Microwave Power :  1300
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    25 L Convection Microwave Oven (Inox) MC25SD

    • Model: MC25SD
    • MRP : ₹18,290.00
    • Microwave Type :  Convection
    • Cavity Capacity :  25 L
    • Maximum Microwave Power :  1450
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    28 L Convection Microwave Oven (Inox) MC28BD

    • Model: MC28BD
    • MRP : ₹19,990.00
    • Microwave Type :  Convection
    • Cavity Capacity :  28 L
    • Maximum Microwave Power :  1450
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    34 L Convection Microwave Oven (Inox) MC34SD

    • Model: MC34SD
    • MRP : ₹20,790.00
    • Microwave Type :  Convection
    • Cavity Capacity :  34 L
    • Maximum Microwave Power :  1550
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Filter Result 5 Items

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Microwave Ovens : An Essential Commodity for all Households

We live extremely busy lives and a microwave is a kitchen essential to ensure that our time in the kitchen is spent efficiently, while also giving us good, warm food at a moment’s notice. Scientifically, a microwave cooks food way faster than say, a conventional oven or even a stovetop in some cases, because it heats both the inside and outside of the food the same time with minimum loss of efficiency and energy. It therefore saves time and money - especially in bills. It uses microwaves to cook, defrost and heat food - therefore doing it more evenly with less chances of food burning.

How to choose the perfect Microwave Oven to meet your needs

In India, the microwave oven price range is from INR 4190 to above INR 80,000. And this price range is based on a range of aspects.

Like all kitchen appliances - and actually, any home appliances, your purchase of a microwave oven is completely dependent on your requirements, which in turn helps you arrive at a microwave price that works for you. Here, we will help you with your comparisons.

Types of Microwave Ovens

In India, you can choose to buy your brand new microwave oven from Solo, Grill and Convection model types; as well as combinations of the same. The microwave oven price is dependent on the features it offers, durability and make. Here are quick things to remember about each:

A Solo microwave oven is best for reheating and simple cooking along with energy saver modes and different auto cook menu options and comes at a low microwave price.

A Grill microwave oven is designed to reheat and grill. This has a grill toaster feature and is great for grilled food making it quicker and hassle free. This is a medium microwave price range.

A Convection microwave oven is ideal for reheating, grilling and baking. The convection feature ensures that you can bake, roast, cook and crisp food. This is because of the added heating element and the fan that circulates hot air evenly in the microwave oven. You can get this at a medium to high microwave price range.

All three types can also be used for defrosting as well as basic cooking. And there are several combination microwaves in the market too. All of these are great options for the busy home chef or even for daily home cooking.

Capacity of different Microwave Ovens

Next, we come to capacity which is also a factor in microwave oven price. Remember that microwave capacity is measured in cubic litres and typically ranges from 13 litres to 42 litres. Usually a family sized microwave is in the range between 20 and 25L.

Microwave Ovens by Budget

When it comes to a budget, typically you will find the following key price brackets and you can compare based on your needs.

1. Microwave Oven Price that cost under INR 10,000 - You can get a top notch Solo Microwave at this price rate. At Voltas Beko you will find some stunning designs even in this price bracket with features that are sure to meet your needs.

2. Microwave Oven Price that cost under INR 25,000 - You can convection microwaves even in advanced functions like auto cooking, multi-stage cooking, oil free cooking. Microwave ovens at this price rates will ensure your cooking has better flavour and moisture retention. Voltas Beko has some great interfaces along with stunning designs and options in this price range.

3. Microwave Oven Price that cost over INR 25,000 - In this rate range, you can get the most premium quality Microwave Oven, Grill and Convection with great capacity, inverter technology, faster cooking, steaming and charcoal cooking options.

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