Portable Table Top Dishwashers

The table top dishwasher is the solution to all your woes – from the unwashed utensils to the space crunch in your kitchen. This dishwasher not only performs your most troublesome chore, but also fits your kitchen like a glove.

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    Countertop Dishwasher DT8S
    Portable Countertop Dishwasher DT8S

    8 PS Portable Countertop Dishwasher (Silver) DT8S

    • Model: DT8S
    • MRP : ₹25,990.00
    • Water Consumption :  8 L
    • WxDxH (cm)   :   55x50x59.5
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    Countertop Dishwasher DT8B
    Portable Countertop Dishwasher DT8B

    8 PS Portable Countertop Dishwasher (Black) DT8B

    • Model: DT8B
    • MRP : ₹28,990.00
    • Water Consumption :  8 L
    • WxDxH (cm)   :   55x50x59.5
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The biggest concern of all home makers is the huge pile of unwashed utensils they find in the sink at the end of the day, and the time and effort they will have to spend cleaning them after a whole day of cooking.

However, the miracle of dishwashers has been a saviour from this plight.

Now, being in India, we’re sure you’re worried about the adaptability of these dishwashers for Indian utensils before being presently surprised.

But once the concern of dishwashers being suitable to the utensils found in homes of India is put to rest, the next question you will find asking yourself is “but which dishwasher is the right one for me? What are the considerations I should make?”

Well, we’re here to help you.

The most important considerations you should make are that of space, ease of instalment and price. The other important thing that also factors in is if you move homes a lot (in case you live in a rented apartment or otherwise).

If these questions immediately got you thinking, chances are these factors play a significant role and you face space, instalment or price constrictions. Or, you simply find yourself picking up your bags, hiring movers and shakers, and shifting homes often.

Well, in that case, your choice comes down to the table top dishwasher or the portable dishwasher.

These are ideal if you face any of the above constrictions as they work wonderfully around them. In terms of functionality, you have nothing to worry about as both the table top dishwasher and the portable dishwasher give you as remarkable results as the other types available in the market.

Now the choice between the table top dishwasher, also called the countertop dishwasher, and the portable dishwasher comes down primarily to one single thing - counter top space.

If you are blessed with abundant counter top space, importantly, near the sink, the table top dishwasher, instead of the portable dishwasher, is the right choice for you.

These countertop dishwashers don’t need any installation and simply need to be connected to a water faucet, along with the waste water pipe placed atop the sink.

Table top dishwashers also come in varied sizes and capacities and you can choose the one that is best suited to your needs and available space.

Now, one such great table top dishwasher is the one from Voltas Beko.

Why Voltas Beko dishwashers

Easy mobility

The great thing about this table top dishwasher is that it also serves as a portable dishwasher because of its size. This table top dishwasher can easily be moved around since it is light in weight, making it a portable dishwasher. So, if you move around often, this really is the ideal choice for you. If you have the countertop space, it becomes a table top dishwasher. If you don’t, it becomes a portable dishwasher that you can store elsewhere in the house when not in use.

Feature intensive

This table top dishwasher, or portable dishwasher, is loaded with the latest technology ensuring efficient energy and time consumption. Features like AquaIntenseTM, ProSmartTM Inverter Motor and AquaFlexTM ensure that even heavily soiled pots and pans are washed and dried efficiently. The GlassShieldTM Technology and SteamGlossTM Technology ensure that your glassware is protected from corrosion while also remaining glossy.

Prolonged Warranty

While these dishwashers have 6 different programs to choose from and ample space for all your utensils, they also come with a 2-year comprehensive warranty and a 5-year warranty on the motor.

These dishwashers are loaded with the latest features and extensive warranty, but if you compare prices with other portable dishwashers, you will notice that this portable dishwasher is priced reasonably at Rs. 25,990.

If you need any other reasons to get your hands on this table top dishwasher, you should know that this counter top or portable dishwasher comes in a beautiful silver and will be an aesthetic addition to the beauty of your kitchen.

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