Voltas Beko Washing Machine with Sensible Technology & Effective Washing
They say clothes make the man. At Voltas Beko we make sure you’re never short of clean, fresh, soft and fragrant clothes. Voltas, with Turkish technology giant Beko, has brought the incredible Voltas Beko washing machine India that combines the latest technology and timeless wisdom of Indian moms to give you the best cleaning experience.

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Effective washing, yet gentle on your fabric

The Voltas Beko GentleWave™ system provides effective washing that is gentle on all kinds of fabrics. Combined with the GentleWave™ drum and special paddle design, the unique inner contours of Voltas Beko washing machines generate powerful waves that are effective at dirt removal, yet are harmless for clothes.


• Ideal laundry washing machine conditions make garments last longer. Increases cleaning performance while reducing the need for energy.

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Leave tough stains to an expert

The Voltas Beko StainExpertTM gets rid of tough stains like masala, turmeric, curry, collar stain, oil, etc. A combination of rinse cycles, special soaking phases, different water temperatures, and increased tumbling action makes sure your clothes remain free from spots and stains.


• A Special treatment to remove tough stains effortlessly. Fight dirt without damaging your clothes

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Air TherapyTM
Instant wash and wear for the times when you don’t have time

The Air Therapy feature in Voltas Beko washing machines refreshes your garments in 30 minutes. With the help of warm air circulation, your clothes become odour-free and ready-to-wear again.


• Refresh your clothes in a short span of time.

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The perfect laundry for your sensitive skin and your baby

The program allows you to select the temperature between 20°C and 90°C. At 60°C, it provides anti-allergic laundry for your sensitive skin. Even while washing your clothes at a temperature as low as 20°C, the program washes your cotton clothes effectively while removing micro-organisms from it.


• At 60°C, the super rinsing cycle anti-allergic results by removing pet allergens, mites and pollens. At 20°C, the program helps remove bacteria and fungi.

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Get your laundry done in a jiffy

Thanks to the additional Fast+ function, it is possible to make the clothes washing machine cycle 55% faster than conventional washing programs.


• Gives you up to 55%faster washing. Optimum washing results.

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ProSmartTM Inverter Motor
Energy Efficient Washing

Along with superior energy efficiency, the Voltas Beko ProSmartTM Inverter Motor provides low mechanical friction, lowers noise levels, improves durability.


• The consumption of water and electricity is extremely low.

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Get perfect rinsing and cleaning results

With the new AutoDosing program in every Voltas Beko washing machine India won’t waste a drop guessing how much detergent and softener to use for each wash. Now India will save water and save the environment. All you need to do is fill the detergent and softener tanks once. The machine detects the weight of your load and automatically chooses the right amount of detergent, softener and water to use. So, you get perfect cleaning and rinsing results, without any waste. Every single time. This feature helps you save detergent, water and energy. Of course, you also have the option to deactivate the feature and manually choose how much detergent and softener you want to add when you do your laundry.


• Runs up to 23 cycles without refills.
• Saves energy, water and detergent.

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Noiseless washing

The special shock absorbers enhance noise insulation in the cabinet. Along with that, the specially developed S-shaped sidewall design and the electronic unbalanced load algorithm help ensure that your pile of laundry gets done in silence.


• Total silence while cleaning to give you uninterrupted comfort .

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A washing machine that washes itself

The program only starts when the drum is empty. It ensures that there is no accumulation of residue in it after the clothes are washed. This is achieved when the optimal amount of hot water is used at 70°C with a much higher tumbling speed compared to standard programs.


• This cycle provides better hygiene by heating water up to 70°C. Avoids bad odour inside the machine/detergent drawer/blower.

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Dual Power Rain
To tackle stubborn stains

Voltas Beko top-loading washing machines give you an array of technologies to make garment cleaning easier. With the help of three advanced technologies i.e. GentleWave™ Drum, Silent-Tech™ and the Monsoon feature, doing your laundry will be as effortless as you would like it to be.

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Monsoon Dry

The Monsoon feature uses air power to dry your clothes under 30 minutes. Along with that, the drying efficiency is improved up to 17 percent.

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Wash & WearTM
Wash & Dry quickly to suit your daily needs

This feature allows you to get 1 kg of laundry washed and dried in less than an hour. 2 shirts (0.5kg) will be dried completely in 40 minutes when you set the temperature to 20°C. 5 shirts (1kg) will be dried completely in 60 minutes when you set the temperature to 30°C.

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The smart way of drying your laundry

The Optisense technology helps you choose the preferred level of dryness. The dryer stops automatically when the desired level is achieved. The moisture sensors make sure that your laundry is evenly dried. Along with that, an extra smart sensor looks after your machine by detecting voltage surges, protecting it by cutting off the power and helping it last longer.

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Portable wheels

Now, remove tough stains easily through the unique Storm+ Pulsator technology. Now your regular washing machine is a portable washing machine.

Special Pulsator

Specially designed plastic body to withstand the tough Indian weather conditions - the washing machine India needs.

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Fast DryTM

Moves away excess moisture with additional air vents.

Large capacity

Since the washing machine has a large capacity, you can wash your entire laundry in one go. It helps you save time, water and energy.

Advance soak process

This feature helps you soak clothes in a fairly short amount of time which helps.

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Multiple wash Programs

Choose from a large variety of programs that are best suited for any sort of clothes you want to wash.

Plastic check protection

A strong plastic cover

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Front and Top Loading Washing Machines

12 Year Motor Warranty & 3 Year Comprehensive Warranty

Terms and Conditions Apply*

The new Voltas Beko washing machine in India come with a warranty that will ensure you enjoy the state-of-the-art technology for a long time.

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Uses steam to ensure better cleaning and less creasing.


Lets you control multiple functions through your smartphone.

5-star rating

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5-star rating

India-Specific Washing Programs

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5-star rating

IPX4 Protection

Protects from splashing water,no matter the direction.

Thoghened Glass Lid with Soft Close Lid

Helps close the lid gently every time.

Double Waterfall

Mixes detergent effectively to ensure a clean and thorough wash,especially for collars and cuffs of shirts.

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Our Range of Washing Machines

Front Load Washing Machines

Top Loading Washing Machines

Semi Automatic Washing Machines

  1. Voltas Beko 7.8 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Blue) WTT78BLG Left View
    Voltas Beko 7.8 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Blue) WTT78BLG Front View
    Voltas Beko 7.8 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Blue) WTT78BLG Top Open View
    Voltas Beko 7.8 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Blue) WTT78BLG Spin Tub View
    Voltas Beko 7.8 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Blue) WTT78BLG Front View
  2. Voltas Beko 7.5 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Burgundy) WTT75DT Left View
    Voltas Beko 7.5 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Burgundy) WTT75DT Front View
    Voltas Beko 7.5 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Burgundy) WTT75DT Right View
  3. Voltas Beko 7.5 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Gray) WTT75DGRT Left View
    Voltas Beko 7.5 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Gray) WTT75DGRT Front View
    Voltas Beko 7.5 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Gray) WTT75DGRT Right View
    Voltas Beko 7.5 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Gray) WTT75DGRT Top View
    Voltas Beko 7.5 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Gray) WTT75DGRT Top Open View
    Voltas Beko 7.5 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Gray) WTT75DGRT Spin Tub View

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