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Voltas Beko Washing Machine Gets 3 Year Comprehensive + 12 Year Motor Warranty

Jul 14, 2023 Read Time: 7 Min   (167)

The only thing that is better about unboxing an electronic home appliance, apart from the bubble wrap, the styrofoam, and the massive box it came in (which you don’t know where to keep), is the literature bag with it. This literature bag has the instruction manual, the quick overview guide, and, last but not least, the warranty certificate. A warranty certificate is like an extra protective layer of appliance maintenance. If your machine stops working or malfunctions and if it's under warranty, you’ll be fine. While most companies do not have an extended warranty window for devices like washing machines, Voltas Beko does.

The Voltas Beko Washing Machine Warranty

Voltas Beko washing machines now get a three-year comprehensive and a 12-year warranty. Not two, not four, but an entire decades' worth of warranty. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and stand firmly behind the quality and durability of our washing machines. Every washing machine comes with a 3-year comprehensive warranty. In a time where most comprehensives' warranty is, at best, 12 months, Voltas Beko’s 3-year warranty period will give you peace of mind. Whether it's a manufacturing defect, functional problem, or any other qualifying issue, customers can rest assured that they are covered. This warranty ensures that customers can enjoy their washing machines worry-free during the initial years of usage.

The motor is a critical component of any washing machine, and Voltas Beko recognises its significance in delivering long-lasting performance. To showcase their commitment to durability and reliability, Voltas Beko offers an impressive 12-year motor warranty. This extended warranty period is a testament to the brand's confidence in the quality and endurance of its washing machine motors. In the unlikely event of any motor-related issues during the warranty period, customers can rely on Voltas Beko's support to resolve the problem efficiently.


    • Peace of mind: The 3-year comprehensive warranty coverage provides customers with peace of mind, knowing that their investment is protected against potential issues.

    • Long-lasting performance: The 12-year motor warranty assures customers of the durability and reliability of the washing machine motors, ensuring consistent and efficient performance over the long term.

    • Cost savings: With 3-year warranty coverage, customers can save on potential repair or replacement expenses, as qualifying issues are taken care.

  • Customer support: Voltas Beko's warranty package is supported by excellent customer service, ensuring that any concerns or issues are promptly addressed.

When choosing a washing machine, warranty coverage is a crucial factor to consider. Voltas Beko sets itself apart by offering an exceptional warranty package for its washing machines.

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