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What is a Bottom Mount Refrigerator?

May 25, 2021 Read Time: 10 Min   (200)

Bottom mount refrigerators, also known as bottom freezer refrigerators, are units that contain a fresh food compartment on the top and a freezer on the bottom.

The Voltas bottom mounted refrigerators give the best convenience and value for money for your family. The price of it in India is at the perfect level for Indian needs. This is the price list for Voltas Beko Bottom Mounted Refrigerator:

What is the difference between top mount and bottom mount fridge?

Compared to top mount models, bottom mount refrigerators offer much easier access to fresh ingredients and beverages. Thanks to an abundance of space and an easy-to-access design, refrigerators with a freezer at the bottom are an ideal choice of unit for many kitchens. However, it is worth noting that bottom fridge refrigerators in India are much more common and tend to be more expensive than the top-mount counterparts. These refrigerators with bottom freezers have been in the market for quite some time now, and people still prefer these bottom mounted refrigerators to the top-mounted one.

The top mount refrigerators, also known as top-freezer refrigerators, feature large fresh food compartments below the smaller freezer compartment. The biggest advantage of these units is their size as it provides larger storage space for many homes when compared to a fridge with a freezer at the bottom. The biggest disadvantage of a top mount refrigerator is the fact that you will need to bend down to reach fresh food frequently. This bending is definitely less-than-ideal for many homeowners, especially the ones who have back problems.

How do I organise my bottom freezer refrigerator?

Here’s how to organise my drawer freezer

1. Take everything out

You need to see what you exactly have, and for that, you have to organise your bottom freezer refrigerator.

2. Remove things that don’t need to be there

Remove the things from your bottom-mounted refrigerator that need not be there. When they need to be re-freeze, you can do it again, but they do not need to take up space until then.

3. Create smaller compartments to stack items so they’ll remain visible

You can buy organisers for the refrigerators with freezers at the bottom, and you can see all miscellaneous things at once.

4. Sort things according to the size

The less important things can go behind, and the ones that need to be used frequently can be kept in front in your bottom mounted refrigerators.

5. Keep like things together

Keep the like items together. For example, on the left in your bottom freezer fridge, you can keep all your veggies, and on the right, you can keep small, random items in the organisers. However, you choose to organise your bottom fridge, make sure you stick with that organisation the next time too.

Are bottom freezer refrigerators good?

Most of the time, bottom freezer refrigerators have more storage space. They generally offer larger sizes and better organisations. If you have a big family and need a good amount of frozen foods, a bottom freezer works the best. Also, bottom freezer refrigerators in India are where the most category innovation is taking place. Choose Voltas Beko for the best bottom mounted refrigerators.

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