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Inverter Fridge: A Smart Choice for Smart People

Jan 05, 2022 Read Time: 4 Min   (43)

Inverter Fridge

If you go refrigerator shopping, you might stumble upon terms such as ‘Inverter Fridge’ or ‘Inverter Compressor.’ No need to fret because they aren’t as complicated as they sound. One must be aware of such a technology before buying any refrigerator.

How refrigerators work

The fridge at your home would most probably be a standard refrigerator, with a typical evaporator and compressor situated in the upper two-third portions and the remaining one-third bottom portion, respectively. A liquid called ‘refrigerant’ flows through the evaporator, absorbing the heat and transforming it into gaseous state. Here, the compressor’s role is to apply pressure on the newly formed gas and turn it into liquid once again, so that it flows through the fridge, repeating the cycle.

Drawbacks of conventional refrigerators

These refrigerators fall short in many ways. They come attached with a mono-speed compressor, which is at constant high speed irrespective of the load on the fridge or temperature or is in shut-off state. While transitioning from a shut-off state to high speed, it consumes a high amount of electricity. This is where your inverter refrigerators come in.

What are inverter refrigerators?

The question of the hour - what exactly is an inverter refrigerator? This refrigerator solves the prior mentioned problem that regular refrigerators face. It consists of an inverter compressor, which operates with respect to the need of the fridge. It adjusts its speed according to the temperature and load on the refrigerator.

Why inverter refrigerators are a smart choice

Saves energy

In regular refrigerators, the compressor requires high electricity throughout the process, but since inverter technology refrigerator perform according to the speed required, they consume far less electricity as compared to the regular ones.

Provides longer freshness

In spite of stopping at intervals like a regular compressor, the inverter compressor refrigerator works continuously, retaining the freshness of the food within the fridge.

Lasts longer

When the compressors kickstart from the lowest to the highest speed, it can affect their working in the long run. In contrast, as the inverter compressors work gradually over a series of temperatures, the chances of its machine degradation are rather low.

Makes less noise and vibrations

During the elevation journey of speed, the compressor tends to vibrate and simultaneously produces a rumbling sound, whereas the inverter fridge does a great job of avoiding this. Since there’s no jerk in the speed from the lowest point to the highest, its noise production is negligible.

With innumerable benefits in sight, an inverter fridge can be your next ideal purchase and you don’t have to go anywhere to look! Here at Voltas Beko, find your smart refrigerator with advanced technology and bring innovation to your home.

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