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Refrigerator Sizes: A Simple Guide to Measure Fridge Dimensions

Jan 05, 2022 Read Time: 4 Min   (43)

Fridge Sizes in Feet

Thinking of making a checklist before buying your new refrigerator is mandatory. It never hurts to be extra prepared. But if you are stuck on sizes, dimensions and all the numerics involved, this guide will ease all your worries.

Fridge Size Chart

Refrigerator TypeHeight (in feet)Width (in feet)Depth (in feet)Capacity (in liters)
Double Door 4.75ft – 5.5ft 1.75ft – 2.66ft 1.96ft – 2.8ft 230 - 271
Bottom Freezer 5.58ft – 5.83ft 1.96ft – 2.72ft 2.1ft - 2.75ft 340 - 695
Single Door 3.86ft – 4.64ft 1.78ft – 1.96ft 1.94ft – 2.22ft 185 - 220
Side by Side Door 5.41ft – 5.97ft 2.66ft – 3.25ft 2.31ft – 2.58ft 472 - 640

Refrigerator style

From a broad spectrum of collections, choosing a refrigerator that adds to the elegance of your kitchen and simultaneously meets your expectations can be a tedious task. But knowing the styles and refrigerator sizes beforehand can ease your buying process immensely.

Refrigerator width

Your kitchen space should accommodate the fridge size that you pick. If your space has cabinets or trolleys by its side, make sure that your chosen fridge dimensions fit the space. In addition to it, leave two to three inches towards the hinge of the door so that there wouldn’t be any hindrance in opening the door.

Refrigerator height

If your chosen space has racks or cabinets attached above it or a platform below it, or if your kitchen roof is a bit low, the fridge height would be your primary concern. Keeping that in mind, check the fridge dimensions accordingly.

Refrigerator depth

There are two methods in which you can fit your refrigerator within the space - aligning the width with the countertop (these refrigerators are called ‘countertop refrigerators’) and extending a few inches past the countertop.

Standard depth

Measure from the wall up to five to six inches further from the countertop.

Counter depth

Measure from the wall to the countertop.

Ventilation space

Be cautious to leave a few inches in all directions surrounding the refrigerator for proper ventilation and in case of overheating.

To search for a refrigerator that fits your kitchen aesthetic perfectly can be a hassle, but no need to sweat! Find a refrigerator from a wide variety of choices available right here at Voltas Beko!

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