Side by Side Refrigerators

Are you a big family that loves to party? Is your house always full of guests? Do you need a cooling solution for large amounts of food? Are you looking for a fridge that is spacious enough for your entire family and guests for days? Look no further than the Voltas Beko side by side refrigerators. This is the line that’s for people with big ideas that need big spaces.

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    Voltas Beko 626 L Side by Side Refrigerator (Glass - Black) RSB64GF Front View
    Voltas Beko 626 L Side by Side Refrigerator (Glass - Black) RSB64GF Left View
    Voltas Beko 626 L Side by Side Refrigerator (Glass - Black) RSB64GF Open View

    626 L Side by Side Refrigerator (Black Glass) RSB64GF

    • Model: RSB64GF
    • MRP : ₹110,590.00
    • Gross Volume (L) :  626
    • StoreFresh+TM :  Yes
    • WxDxH (cm)   :   90.8x70.5x182
    Offer Price ₹101,990.00 Regular Price ₹110,590.00
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Double Door Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerators

As they say, health is wealth. Which is why the most important thing you will buy for your home is a side by side fridge. In our busy lives, we all purchase food in bulk. After all, shopping takes time and effort. No matter how good the food, if your fridge isn’t up to the task, it will be hard to keep it fresh. And we all know freshness is vital. So, more food needs more space. And Voltas Beko Double door side by side refrigerators give you just that. Not just that but Voltas Beko fridges give you twice the cooling for the price of one with NeoFrost™ Dual cooling.

Side-by-side Door Fridges (Also Known as SBS Refrigerator)

This special kind of 2 door refrigerator has two doors next to each other. Big is the watchword here. This is one huge spacious side by side fridge for the entire family. This refrigerator will give you much more space than a traditional 2 door fridge and it’s fitting for a big family. Here are all the side-by-side Voltas Beko double door fridges for your needs.

Star Rating and Your Side by Side Door Refrigerator

A side by side fridge must not just keep the food fresh but also save electricity. The star rating on a fridge shows how energy efficient it is. The higher the rating, the better the efficiency of the fridge which means better cooling for a fair price. Voltas Beko brings you some of the most energy-efficient fridges in the market. Its ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor feature uses a brushless motor that minimizes the hum of the fridge and power usage simultaneously. A Voltas Beko side by side door refrigerator will not only bring nourishing freshness to your home but also make it energy savvy.

Side By Side Refrigerator Capacity

A big family needs a big side by side fridge. At Voltas Beko, we understand that. Voltas Beko refrigerators come in large sizes - from 626 Litres to 640 Litres. So, give your family the gift of freshness in a big way, today!

Freezer Position

Voltas Beko side by side door refrigerators come in two freezer variants. Based on your convenience you can choose which freezer location you want. One variant is with the freezer mounted in the bottom and the other version is with the freezer mounted to the side. This feature is helpful for the elderly in the family. Now you can keep your frozen foods in easy reach for the whole family.

Why Voltas Beko Side By Side Door Refrigerator?

The Voltas Beko side by side refrigerator gives you the most space for your family at the best price and best value for money. Voltas Beko side by side door refrigerators are tested and approved by Indian moms. All these qualities together make Voltas Beko the side by side refrigerator India wants.
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