Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

The technology of refrigeration has come very far. But sometimes with technology comes the hassle of operating it. Cooling is only one aim of a refrigerator. Comfort and convenience are also important in making the perfect fridge. Good design is always a mantra at Voltas Beko. We strive to make our fridges easy to use with our users in mind. And that’s why we offer you - our bottom mount fridge.

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    RBM365DXBCF Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
    RBM365DXBCF Bottom mounted refrigerator
    RBM365DXBCF Bottom freezer fridge

    340 L 2 Star Bottom Mounted Refrigerator (Wooden Black) (2020) RBM365DXBCF

    • Model: RBM365DXBCF
    • MRP : ₹43,990.00
    • Gross Volume (L) :  340
    • Energy class :  2 star
    • StoreFresh+TM :  Yes
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Learning About Your Bottom Mounted Fridge

When you use your fridge, you probably most often need fresh ingredients like fruits, vegetable and beverages. With the traditional refrigerator design, you have to bow down to access these which makes their use a bit cumbersome. Especially for the elderly and those afflicted with back problems, the traditional design might not work to their advantage. Not anymore! We have brought you the bottom-mounted Voltas Beko bottom freezer refrigerator where the freezer is at the bottom and the fresh foods are at the top - so the whole family, whether young or old can enjoy the best cooling experience.

Families are getting health and fitness conscious every day and the healthiest foods for health and fitness are fruits and vegetables according to nutrition experts. Now you have your fruits, vegetables, milk and eggs at arm’s length as soon as you open the fridge which means you never have to look twice for what you need most often. Meanwhile, in a bottom freezer fridge, the bottom freezer keeps your frozen foods fresh and edible just like traditional freezers while making food access more comfortable for you. Your food will stay fresh for longer thanks to our inbuilt tech - NeoFrost™.

Star Rating And Your Bottom Mounted Freezer

A good bottom freezer refrigerator is not only cooling, spacious and convenient but also energy efficient. The star rating on a bottom freezer refrigerator denotes its energy efficiency. The higher the rating the better the efficiency of the fridge. Voltas Beko brings you some of the most electricity saving fridges in the market. Our bottom freezer refrigerator ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor technology features a brushless motor that reduces noise and electricity consumption at the same time. A Voltas Beko bottom-mounted refrigerator will not only bring health and freshness to your family but also save money in electricity bills for you.

Bottom Mounted Fridge Capacity

Different families have different refrigeration needs. Voltas Beko bottom freezer refrigerator caters to all the various family sizes. Voltas Beko fridges vary in capacity from 340 Litres to 695 Litres thereby meeting all needs for families big and small. With a Voltas Beko bottom-mounted refrigerator, your needs are mounted on the very top. So no matter the size of your family, give them the gift of a Voltas Beko bottom freezer refrigerator today!

Why Voltas Beko Bottom Mounted Fridge?

The Voltas Beko bottom mounted refrigerators price gives you the best convenience for your family and the best value for money.. Voltas Beko bottom mounted refrigerators price in India at the perfect level for Indian needs. All these qualities together make Voltas Beko bottom mounted fridge the choice of savvy fridge buyers.
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