Grill Microwave Ovens

If one was asked to name a few everyday things that they want to thank technology for, you’d expect to hear gratitude for the internet, smartphone, Facebook and Instagram even, but little would you expect to hear of the microwave! However, most kitchens are incomplete without it, and cooks would have a meltdown if their microwaves broke on days of entertaining guests.

Till a few years ago, the humble microwave was for reheating and defrosting food. However, technology did what it does best and upgraded - we were blessed with the invention of the grill microwave oven.

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    20 L Grill Microwave Oven MG20SD
    20 L Grill Microwave MG20SD
    20 L Microwave with Grill Function MG20SD
    20 L Microwave Oven with Grill Function MG20SD

    20 L Grill Microwave Oven (Inox) MG20SD

    • Model: MG20SD
    • MRP : ₹8,590.00
    • Microwave Type :  Grill
    • Cavity Capacity :  20 L
    • Maximum Microwave Power :  800
    • WxDxH (cm)   :   43.9x35.6x25.8
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Is the grill microwave oven for you?

If you are a fan of kebabs, or if you’re trying to eat healthy with less oil or butter in your food, the grill microwave oven is the right choice for you. You can continue using this variety of oven for all conventional microwave tasks too, but it lets you do more with the grill function. The grilled microwave oven comes with additional grilling accessories, that allow you to grill paneer, vegetables like broccoli, or meat. It can be used to toast and roast delicious food too.

Why you should shop for Voltas Beko grill microwave ovens

If you are looking for premium quality grill microwave ovens, with unique features and attractive designs, the Voltas Beko grill microwave oven is the right pick for your kitchen. With auto cook options and digital displays, these grill microwave ovens are your perfect cooking companions.

Auto Cooking

Cook dishes with the touch of a button with our range of microwaves. Whether you have guests to entertain or family that needs a change of menu, you can rely on these ovens to serve up dishes that impress, and win hearts of your family and friends.

Large Turntable

Throwing a party at home? Need to cook a day’s worth of food in one go? The Voltas Beko grill microwave oven makes this possible. The large turntable in the oven maximises your cooking space and gives you ample room for large size containers in the microwave.

Attractive Design

We believe that every small detail goes into making a house a home, even more so, a beautiful home. Our grill microwave ovens are designed to complement the aesthetic beauty of your home so that it truly belongs in your home.

Digital Display

Keeping up with the times of multitasking, Voltas Beko microwave ovens come with a digital display that makes it easier to keep a tab on the food being cooked, while you tend to other chores in the kitchen. The feather touch display only adds to the ease of cooking in your oven.

Active Defrosting

The hassle of defrosting manually is a thing of the past thanks to the Active Defrost technology in Voltas Beko grill microwave ovens. It makes sure your food remains frost free, and that freshness and nutrition of your food remains intact with the technology of Active Defrost in your microwave.

Available in cavity capacities of 20 and 23 litres, Voltas Beko grill microwave ovens are available at prices that offer a tough competition to its counterparts in India. Therefore, if you are price conscious, these grill microwave ovens will remain to be the best option for you.

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