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What Is a Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine?

Jul 13, 2021 Read Time: 4 Min   (43)

Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

A fully automatic top load washing machine is the most commonly used washer amongst people. With a fully automatic washer, the desired functions just need to be selected, and the machine works automatically without requiring any manual task. Top load fully automatic washing machines are quite energy-efficient, and there is a wide range of models available in the market. These models are narrower than front load washing machines, and you can load it from the top by just lifting the lid.

Do Top Loader Washing Machines Heat Water?

In a few models, the heating element can be found on the back of the main drum, which can be accessed from the back panel. In most of the fully automatic top load washing machines, it is right at the front of the main outer drum, under the door seal.

Simple washing machines in the market require a connection for hot water. However, fully automatic top load washing machines have high efficiency that do not need a lot of water in operating normally. These efficient machines have the cleaning power while keeping consumption low.

Do Top Loader Washing Machines Work Without Agitators?

An agitator is a large spindle that is commonly found in the middle of a top load washer. Top load washing machines have this feature to mimic the handwashing action when manually the clothes are washed. The agitator was designed with fins and blades attached to its side. However, one of the drawbacks of agitators is they can become too aggressive with the way of laundering clothes as they can cause damage to the clothes in the form of rips and tears.

Despite the flaw, top load washing machines with agitators have a better cleaning performance. On the other hand, washers with no agitators are more gentle to clothes but are not that effective at cleaning them compared to the ones with agitators. Top load washing machines provide more room for large items like quilts, blankets, etc. So the answer to the question: do top loader washing machines work without agitators, is yes.

How Do You Install a Top Loader Washing Machine?

Steps to installing a top loader washing machine:

  • Unpack the washing machine near the installation point
  • Most of the top load washing machines have adjustable legs, so make sure you adjust them according to your preference
  • Screw the machine leg to contact the floor at the shortest point
  • Now, adjust the opposite leg to make the machine level across
  • Finally, the last leg needs to be adjusted to make the machine solid on the floor, as the slightest movement can cause the machine to wobble
  • You also have to insert the drain and water inlet hose. The water intlet hose is inserted into the waterfilling enterance, while the drainage outlet is behind the washing machine
  • Finally, do not forget to make sure you set the locking nuts

What Is a Coin Trap In a Washing Machine?

A coin trap is a special filter that many washing machines have. It is to catch the unwanted objects that fall from your laundry. It prevents them from damaging or obstructing the hose or drain pump. It is highly recommended that you regularly clean out the coin trap filter to prevent severe damage to the washer’s drain pump.

Where Is The Filter On a Top Loader Washing Machine?

To clean your top loader washer’s filters, you first have to know where it is. The best and quickest way to know is by referring to the user manual. If you no longer have the manual, you can look for the filter in the following locations:

  • At the end of the hose’s drain
  • Under the center of the agitator
  • In the front behind the small hatch
  • At the top rim of the washer’s drum

However, new, high-end washing machines rely on the self-cleaning feature of the filter located in the pump. This means you do not have to maintain it manually.

What Is The Difference Between a Twin Tub And a Top Loader?

Top Loader

These washing machines have clothes that are loaded into the top through an openable door. Voltas Beko fully automatic top loaders washing machines are designed with the glass door feature so you can keep an eye on your laundry. However, not all top load washers have glass doors. This means that detergent can be poured with the clothes. As these models can accommodate more load, they are bulkier.

Twin Tub

These washing machines come with two tubs. The first tub is used for washing your clothes, while the second one is used to spin them dry. Twin tub washers are more energy-efficient and can spin your clothes much drier when compared to the ones without them. You can save your time as twin tubs can wash even your bigger loads much faster when compared to a top loader.

Why Choose Voltas Beko Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machines?

Moms in India prefer Voltas Beko washing machines. The specifications and functions of Voltas Beko Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machines are designed to best suit Indian homes. Voltas Beko ensures complete satisfaction with its advanced technologies. We understand Indian households like no other thus, Voltas Beko fully automatic top load washing machines are bound to give you the best experience that you deserve. The Voltas Beko 6.0 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Grey) WTL60UPGC starts from ₹19,390.00.

Are you worried about the big laundry load? Now we have got your back with the most energy-efficient, technology advanced Voltas Beko 12 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Silver) WTL120S that starts from ₹43,390.00.

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