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Use Jet Wash in Washing Machines For Better and Cleaner Clothes

Sep 29, 2022 Read Time: 4 Min   (43)

Suppose you have an interview at your dream company, and you are of course wearing your lucky shirt. But little did you know that your clumsy self will drop curry on it - a nightmare for the ones with OCD! At such times, you want a time travel machine to undo your mistake, but what if we say you could tackle this situation easily? Voltas Beko has introduced a Jet Wash feature in washing machines that thoroughly cleans your clothes before you know it. The Jet Wash is also equipped with an array of technologies that make the laundry experience extraordinary. Explore what else a Voltas beko Top Loading Washing has to offer.

Provides deep cleaning

Gone are the days when your stained clothes would turn into rags, or you had to change your spotted outfit for an occasion. Voltas Beko's Jet Wash-enabled washing machine comes with an additional tap at the top that supplies water at high speed, which mixes the detergent well and washes the clothes deeply and intensely. This technology removes stubborn stains effortlessly and dries the clothes quickly, so you need not worry about changing your outfit for the occasion. You need a Voltas Beko washing machine and not a time machine.

Prevents the tangling of clothes

Be it hair or freshly washed clothes, untangling them is always a challenging task. Tangling clothes are one of the biggest downsides of using a washing machine as the constant tumbling could damage the fabric and shorten the garment’s lifespan. But no more untangling because Voltas Beko has cracked the solution with its Fountain Wash feature. Fountain like water spray combined with Jet Wash ensures less tangling and deep cleaning of the clothes. These features maintain the fabric’s quality and are ideal for sensitive materials.

Works in silent mode

You washed the vessels, put all the clothes in the automatic machine, and decided to nap. Just when you were about to sleep, you were jolted awake because of that loud washing machine sound! At such times, you think of having a noiseless machine, and Voltas Beko took that thought seriously. The silent inverter motor in our washing machine cancels the noise levels while washing the clothes effectively, even when used with the Jet Wash feature. The silent inverter is manufactured using top-notch materials and is highly efficient and durable for extensive use while not disturbing your precious sleep.

Check out Voltas Beko washing machines

Voltas Beko’s washing machines are ideal for your laundry needs. They are equipped with exceptional features like Jet Wash that make washing your clothes convenient, efficient, and effective. Learn more about the features and prices of Voltas beko washing machines here.

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