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Is a Convection Microwave Better Than a Regular Microwave?

Dec 26, 2022 Read Time: 4 Min   (43)

You come home late from work, tired and famished. You just want to feast on the delicious food kept ready for you, but the food is cold. There’s no fun in cold food, so you heat it up in your beautiful Voltas Beko convection microwave. Well, there’s something missing for dinner; while you prepare your second dish, which can be auto cooked in the convection microwave oven, the digital display helps you keep track of the time. Now you must be wondering what’s so special about convection microwave ovens. Let’s have a look at the benefits.

Difference between a regular microwave and convection oven

A traditional microwave heats the water molecules in the food with the help of safe microwave radiation. The food heats or cooks, starting from the outside layer to the core. Hence, it does not remain crispy or crunchy, nor can you bake in it.

On the other hand, in a convection microwave, the food is heated or cooked evenly as the heat is distributed equally. The built-in electric fans circulate hot air to warm the food’s water molecules. The food is cooked uniformly, making it a perfect gadget for crispy and crunchy food as well as for baking.

Additionally, if you want a kitchen gadget to bake, grill, defrost and reheat all in one, then Voltas convection microwave ovens are perfect for you.

Use of convection microwave ovens

Here are some advantageous uses of a convection microwave oven:

Consists multifunctional aspects

One of the best features of a convection microwave is that it has combined features of baking, grilling, and defrosting along with a regular microvan function. Our microwaves also feature an auto-cooking program that lets you cook over 200 dishes by just clicking a button. It has a large turntable, so there is a lot of space for large containers.

Retains flavors and nutritional

As the hot air is circulated equally in the convection microwave, the food is warmed evenly, and the flavors remain. Furthermore, the Active Defrost component of our microwave defrosts the food for you while retaining its freshness and nutritional value.

Complements your kitchen

As these devices have multiple cooking features in one, you save up on space. The attractive designs of our products, like our Inox Silver microwaves, will complement every kitchen aesthetic.

Select among the best range of microwaves at Voltas Beko. Our product is of top-class quality carrying premium features, so you spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family. Explore Voltas Beko convection microwaves here.

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