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Voltas Beko kitchen and home appliances and kitchen appliances are an absolute must have in the modern kitchen. Whether you live in a rented home or own your own home, these world class appliances with fantastic safety features, sleek yet sturdy design elements and great features make them an absolute must have.

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    6.0 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Grey) WTL60UPGC

    • Model: WTL60UPGC
    • MRP : ₹19,390.00
    • Washing Capacity (KG) :  6
    • Energy Rating* :  5 Star
    • Soft Closed Lid :  Yes
    • Monsoon Dry :  Yes
    • WxDxH (cm)   :   52.5X55X90.5
    • *Approved by BEE
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Life in India is busy and whether you live in a traditional or a modern home, chances are that you will be required to multi-task to be on time and manage different roles you play. And that is where appliances make a big difference.

How to choose the right home and kitchen appliances?

One of the most common errors when shopping for both home appliances and kitchen appliances we make is in figuring out what our requirements are and the kind of make we need to meet them. What is most important however in any electrical appliance is to look for something that is safe and durable and Voltas Beko being a global brand with an understanding of all India requirements delivers just that - and delivers it well.

Voltas Beko brings together its well-known energy conservation efficiency and human centered approach along with global cutting edge technology in home appliances. This means you save money on bills with a Voltas Beko product while also enjoying technology that is designed for you.

You can have the kitchen of your dreams without worrying about the mess, cleaning up and the stress of meeting different needs with the right kind of kitchen appliances and of course home appliances too. Together these will not only automate some of the work that would have been stressful and filled with drudgery, but also make it more efficient and give you a healthier, happier home environment.

The different kinds of appliances you need in your home and kitchen today

At Voltas Beko, you can find appliances for your every need, globally tested as well as tested by Moms - who know the best! And each appliance has received great ratings and customer feedback! Voltas Beko refrigerators come with a wide range that can meet your price. You can choose from frost free, bottom mounted, high end frost free, side by side and direct cool! And there are different price brackets within its rates. Washing Machines by Voltas Beko have its own list of options too - fully automatic, semi-automatic, single and twin tub options as well as washers and dryers. You can find all kinds of microwaves at Voltas Beko and you can choose from a list of Solo, Grill and Convection with combinations as well. Full size and table top dishwashers are also available at Voltas Beko and you can choose from different rates.

Modernization gives us the opportunity to live better and evolve faster - in everything we do. Electrical and electronic products are an absolute essential to keep pace with life’s many demands and manage our household smoothly and in a way where we can spend time with our loved ones or doing things that matter. Whether you are looking for better cleaning, tastier and healthier cooking, and ensuring food preservation - home and kitchen appliances are absolutely essential. With Voltas Beko kitchen and home appliances, taking care of your daily chores like laundry, cooking, heating, defrosting food etc can quicken and super easy. The perfect blend of high end specifications and affordable price, Voltas Beko comes to you with a Home Appliances and Kitchen Appliances List with Price for you to help you compare and decide.

Make your life simpler and happier, save time for what you want to pursue, and find something absolutely at a price comfortable to you while having great features from a global brand at Voltas Beko.

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